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***MARTIN GOYA BUSINESS***马丁・戈雅生意***


Note 1: When you get onto a place, switch off your mobile phone and buckle up – now this is (the beginning of) your real life.

–    Transport Channel 91.8 ‘the voice of Hang Zhou’.

Note 2: One day, I read a book, and it has changed my life.

–    The New Life, by Orhan Pamuk

Note 3: I imagine that the idea of infinity would be just as frightening as the idea of death to most people, they might also get too tired of it.

–    Revelations of life, Gong Yong Yu

Note 4: sales representative + free accommodation + paid annual leave 20 days.

–    Shanghai Jolly Life Biotechnology Ltd.

Note 5: a beautiful name that is real – Monroe (like a girl in a dream)

–    Baidu search engine

Note 6: The physical world around us is like an illusion, only the internal conscious keeps us in the realm of reality. Step back and observe this absurd appearance, life or death suddenly becomes less important, just this essence inside speaks the truths.

  • Qing Dynasty. Wu Wei Ye ‘Zeng Yuan Yun Shi’ (conversations regarding ‘wish-gifting’, Buddhist text)

The exhibitions will be creatively constructed in a set space that is different from the conventional ‘white cube’, without overemphasising on the contingent nature of this space. For each show, the founder Cheng Ran aspires to create what he calls ‘the Dystopia’- a temporary architectural atmosphere that embraces the de-centring of traditional methods, and to focus on developing immersive artworks beyond the current scope of being just ‘spectacular’.

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